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Sandra Adler



A seasoned professional with almost three decades in the employment industry.

Having successfully placed thousands of qualified applicants in many Fortune 500 companies ,Sandra’s professionalism and integrity has earned her top recruiter in North America consistently over the last 20 years!

Dianne Fortune

 Dianne is an experienced HR executive who has gained a reputation for her honest, forthright communication and leadership style, with the demonstrated ability to develop positive, influential and credible relationships at all levels, up to and including the Presidential suite. She is frequently called upon, both by previous colleagues and her external network for advice and guidance. She is a respected voice in decision making and earns a seat at the table wherever she serves and is willing to challenge in an effort to ensure successful solutions. Dianne is an inspirational leader with a passion for supporting talent development, both on an individual and team basis and has been instrumental in coaching senior leaders, many who have approached her for specific feedback and honest opinions. She has a passion for learning the business, contributing to the overall business strategies and making an impact with the ultimate objective of ensuring the success of the organization 


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